Our Courses:

Our Stone Massage courses are recognized by many Massage Associations in Western Canada.

All of our programs and courses are recognized for professional liability insurance.

Swedish and Stone Massage Program (150 hours)
Swedish Massage Relaxation, Level 1 (4 Course Days)
Advanced Deep Tissue Massage, Level 2 (4 Course Days)
Stone Massage Program (70 hours)
Hot & Cold Stone Massage (3 Days)
Advanced Stone Massage (2 Days)
NEW Course - Facial Massage and Stones Course (2 Days)
Esthetic Focus - Face, Hands and Feet (1 Day)
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Do you need a specific massage course to be "Personalized" for you?
This is the treatment clients want most!
Learn this natural, holistic treatment! Partner with the healing energies of Basalt and Marble stones. Create the ultimate massage experience – deeply soothing and immensely therapeutic. Are you a beginner or seasoned professional? These courses are for anyone currently studying, practicing or considering a career in Massage, Bodywork, Esthetics or the Spa Industry, OCEAN STONE THERAPY courses will enhance the value of your treatments. Allow yourself to fall in love with these natural, ancient and holistic treatments.

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Mother Nature gives us so much beauty to simply enjoy. The patterns of stones on a beach become a mosaic of color and texture as we walk their shores.